If you’ve been eyeing the Lego Super Mario Adventures Starter Courses, now is the time to snag them at their lowest prices ever. Forget about waiting for Black Friday or Prime Day, as you can currently grab a set for only $35, down from the original price of $60. The Mario Starter Course may be going in and out of stock, but fear not, as the Peach Starter Course and Luigi Starter Course are still available at a great discount. Additionally, there are enticing deals on expansions, including the massive Diddy Kong Mine Cart Ride Expansion for just $83, down from $110.

The Lego Peach Starter Course, priced at $35, comes with 354 pieces and features an interactive Peach figure equipped with a color sensor, LCD screen, and speaker to play sounds from the video games. The set also includes obstacles and enemies such as a Start Pipe, Goal Pole, Lemmy, and Yellow Toad. On the other hand, the Luigi Starter Course, with 280 pieces, offers an interactive Luigi figure that is compatible with all expansions. Other interactive components in this set include a Pink Yoshi, Boom Boom, and a Bone Goomba.

If you manage to find the exclusive Walmart deal, you can grab a 231-piece Lego set featuring an interactive Mario, as well as additional components like a Goomba figure and Bowser Jr. In addition to the starter kits, there are plenty of discounted Lego Super Mario expansions available. Whether you’re interested in adding more obstacles or enemies to your sets, there is something for everyone. One standout offer is the Diddy Kong Mine Cart Ride Expansion, a colossal 1,157 piece set priced at just $82, originally $110.

With such amazing deals on Lego Super Mario sets right now, it’s the perfect time to expand your collection or start your Lego Mario journey. Make sure to act fast, as these discounted prices may not last long. Whether you’re a fan of Mario, Peach, Luigi, or any other character in the Lego Super Mario universe, there is something for everyone at unbeatable prices. Don’t miss out on the chance to bring your favorite video game characters to life and create your own adventures in the world of Lego Super Mario.


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