The gaming industry is no stranger to shady practices, and this includes the creation of game demos for big showcases or events. In Luke Plunkett’s article for Aftermath, he speaks to an anonymous industry veteran, known only as ‘Albert’, who sheds light on the struggles of making a demo under pressure. Sometimes, these demos are nothing more than “100% Grade A Bullshit”, as Albert puts it. This brings to mind a personal experience where a studio I was involved with had to create a trailer for a project that was still in its infancy. The trailer was misleading and disconnected from our actual vision, causing frustration and demoralization among the team.

In Jay Castello’s piece for Unwinnable, she delves into the worldbuilding of Supergiant’s game ‘Pyre’. Unlike the linear spaces of ‘Hades’, the world of ‘Pyre’ known as the Downside is a rich and varied environment that adds depth to the game’s narrative. The journey through the Downside, with its jewel-toned landscapes and hazy lighting, creates a sense of immersion and grounding for the player. The game’s use of the wagon as a hub provides comfort and familiarity, adding to the game’s overall atmosphere.

Keith Stuart’s article for The Guardian focuses on a group of enthusiasts who are recreating the iconic PDP-10 mainframe computer, the same machine on which the game SpaceWar! was designed. The attention to detail in this recreation is truly remarkable, with a focus on replicating not just the functionality but also the visual elements of the original machine. The effort put into simulating the original CPU’s instructions using modern technology showcases a dedication to preserving gaming history.

As ‘House of the Dragon’ returns for a new season, there is a mix of excitement and skepticism among fans. While the first season was well-received, there is always a level of trepidation when it comes to sequels. However, there is a sense of optimism and anticipation for what the new season will bring. For those who may be hesitant, catching up through recap videos or discussions can be a way to stay in the loop without committing fully.

The article also touches on the use of music in gaming, highlighting the track ‘Previous Industries’ by Open Mike Eagle, Video Dave, and STILL RIFT. Music in games plays a crucial role in setting the tone and atmosphere, and this track is a prime example of how music can deepen the player’s connection to the game world. The video game industry has seen a rise in the importance of music and sound design, with many games using music as a way to enhance the player experience.

The world of gaming is vast and diverse, with stories and experiences waiting to be explored. From the challenges of creating game demos to the intricacies of worldbuilding and the preservation of gaming history, there is much to unpack and appreciate in the gaming industry. As we look forward to new releases and upcoming projects, let us remember the passion and dedication that goes into creating the games we love.


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