Kaizen Game Works, the creative minds behind the critically acclaimed detective game Paradise Killer, have recently unveiled their next project – Promise Mascot Agency. This upcoming game promises to be a wild and innovative experience that combines elements of open-world gameplay, mascot management, and crime drama. The premise of Promise Mascot Agency is both engaging and eccentric, making it a highly anticipated release for gamers who enjoy unique and unconventional storytelling.

In Promise Mascot Agency, players take on the role of an exiled yakuza lieutenant who is sent to a cursed Japanese town to revive a struggling mascot agency. The agency specializes in catering to “misfit mascots,” quirky characters who are down on their luck and in need of guidance. From a cube of tofu named To-Fu to other bizarre mascots with peculiar quirks, players must recruit, train, and manage these mascots to improve the agency’s profitability and efficiency.

The gameplay of Promise Mascot Agency is a delicate balance between recruiting new mascots and exploring the town of Kaso-Machi. Players will need to negotiate with individual mascots, each with their own unique desires and motivations, to convince them to join the agency. From seeking money and fame to even wanting to witness the world’s destruction, the mascots in this game have a wide range of eccentric requests that players must fulfill.

Aside from managing mascots, players can also traverse the town of Kaso-Machi in a beat-up flying truck, accompanied by their trusty mascot sidekick, Pinky. This journey will lead players to encounter a variety of bizarre characters and earn new Hero Cards that can assist them in their mascot management endeavors. Additionally, players can take a break from the chaos by indulging in the local onsen, adding a touch of relaxation to the otherwise chaotic gameplay experience.

Promise Mascot Agency is a collaborative effort between Kaizen Game Works and developer Ikumi Nakamura, known for her work on iconic games such as Okami, Bayonetta, Evil Within, and Ghostwire: Tokyo. This partnership brings a wealth of experience and creativity to the project, ensuring that the game is filled with imaginative design elements and compelling storytelling. With such a talented team behind it, Promise Mascot Agency is poised to be a standout title in the gaming industry.

With its outlandish premise, quirky characters, and unique gameplay mechanics, Promise Mascot Agency is shaping up to be a must-play title for fans of innovative and unconventional video games. Set to release on multiple platforms in 2025, this game promises to offer a one-of-a-kind gaming experience that will captivate players and take them on a wild ride through a bizarre world filled with misfit mascots and eccentric adventures. Keep an eye out for Promise Mascot Agency and prepare to embark on a truly unforgettable gaming journey.


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