The world of technology never fails to surprise us with its bizarre and unexpected innovations. One such recent development involves running the iconic game Doom on a seemingly unlikely device – a toothbrush. Yes, you read that right! A creative individual has managed to get Doom running on a WiFi-enabled ‘smart toothbrush’, providing a whole new level of gaming experience during your oral hygiene routine.

Aaron Christophel, a tech enthusiast with a passion for custom firmware, took on the challenge of running Doom on a Planck Mini toothbrush. This smart toothbrush, primarily designed for children, features a small LCD screen that displays brushing performance and weather reports. Despite its compact size and limited capabilities, the chip within the toothbrush proved to be surprisingly capable of handling the demands of running Doom.

Christophel revealed that the toothbrush houses an ESP32-C3 chip with 4MB Flash, which enabled him to compress the Doom game file and assets into the limited storage space available. By utilizing a simplified asset pack called Miniwad, the entire Doom game was successfully loaded onto the toothbrush, albeit with some visual compromises due to hardware constraints. The bizarre sight of Doom gameplay on a toothbrush screen is truly a testament to modern technological ingenuity.

Despite the novelty of running Doom on a toothbrush, actually playing the game on this unconventional platform requires some effort and technical know-how. Christophel has shared the code required to install custom firmware on the toothbrush, along with a demonstration video showcasing the gameplay experience. For those daring enough to embark on this quirky gaming adventure, mastering the controls on a toothbrush may prove to be a unique and challenging task.

This peculiar trend of running Doom on unexpected devices does not end with toothbrushes. Christophel has also managed to make Doom playable on a 3D-printed Christmas tree decoration, adding another layer of eccentricity to the Doom gaming community. With the use of a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, enthusiasts can now enjoy Doom on a variety of unconventional platforms, pushing the boundaries of gaming beyond traditional devices.

In a world where innovation knows no bounds, the concept of running Doom on a toothbrush exemplifies the fusion of technology and creativity in unexpected ways. While the idea may seem absurd at first glance, it serves as a reminder of the endless possibilities that technology offers for experimentation and exploration. Whether you choose to embrace this unusual gaming experience or simply marvel at the ingenuity behind it, the world of running Doom on a toothbrush undoubtedly adds a quirky twist to the realm of gaming and technology.


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