One of the biggest disappointments for fans of GTA 5 was the cancellation of the much-anticipated “Agent Trevor” DLC. This DLC would have taken the game’s beloved protagonist, Trevor, on an undercover mission with the FBI. However, all hopes of experiencing this exciting story expansion were shattered when Rockstar Games pulled the plug on all three planned DLCs, including the Agent Trevor storyline, back in 2017.

Voice actor Steven Ogg, known for his role as Trevor in GTA 5, recently confirmed the existence of the Agent Trevor DLC and shed some light on what could have been. Ogg revealed that he had recorded some lines for the DLC and was briefed on the story, giving fans a glimpse into the intriguing plotline. According to Ogg, Trevor was supposed to go undercover as a federal agent, adding an exciting twist to his character. Unfortunately, despite shooting some scenes for the DLC, it never saw the light of day, leaving both Ogg and fans disappointed in the unfulfilled potential of the storyline.

While not much is known about the Zombie Apocalypse and Alien Invasion DLCs that were also cancelled alongside Agent Trevor, it is clear that the latter had made some progress in development before being shelved. Some elements of the Agent Trevor storyline were even integrated into the GTA Online Doomsday and Diamond Casino heists, showing that Rockstar Games didn’t completely abandon the idea. However, the fact remains that the full-fledged DLC was never released, leaving players wondering what could have been.

Despite the cancelled plans for the Agent Trevor DLC, it seems unlikely that Rockstar Games will revisit the idea in the future. The decision to halt production on the DLC may have been made long before the public announcement in 2017, leaving little hope for a resurrection of the storyline. With the character of Trevor still holding a special place in the hearts of GTA 5 fans, the cancellation of his undercover adventure with the FBI remains a missed opportunity in the world of gaming.


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