The Abyssal Woods in Shadow of the Erdtree are undoubtedly one of the most ominous and intimidating locations within the game. Guarded by cryptic warning messages, such as “don’t let it see you” and “once you are seen, there is no escape”, the Woods are home to untouchable creatures with bulbous, orange heads – reminiscent of the dreaded Winter Lanterns from Bloodborne.

While the Abyssal Woods may seem insurmountable at first glance, there is indeed a way to maneuver through them and emerge victorious. Despite their formidable presence, there exists a method to eliminate these seemingly invincible foes and eventually reach Midra’s Manse – a pivotal location offering a unique encounter for experienced Shadow of the Erdtree players.

Within the Abyssal Woods, players will encounter a variety of adversaries, ranging from frenzied rats to clerics wielding holy magic. However, the primary concern lies with the Winter Lanterns – the enigmatic beings that the warning messages caution against. Resembling their counterparts from Bloodborne, these entities possess distorted orange heads and are armed with menacing sticks.

To successfully navigate past the Winter Lanterns of the Abyssal Woods, players must rely on stealth and precision. The surrounding long grass provides concealment, allowing players to evade detection by crouching within its confines. It is imperative to avoid disturbing the orange fruit within the grass, as its noise can alert the Lanterns to your presence. Patience is key, as a single misstep can lead to near-certain death, courtesy of the Lanterns’ swift and fatal attacks.

Surprisingly, there is a way to vanquish the seemingly impervious Winter Lanterns – parrying their assaults. Armed with a shield or weapon possessing the Parry skill, players can turn the tide in their favor and emerge victorious in combat. However, failure to equip the necessary gear will result in a futile struggle against these formidable adversaries.

The Abyssal Woods in Shadow of the Erdtree pose a formidable challenge to even the most seasoned players. By honing their skills, exercising caution, and utilizing stealth tactics, players can overcome the enigmatic threats lurking within the Woods and emerge triumphant in the face of adversity. The journey through the Abyssal Woods serves as a test of skill and resilience, offering a rewarding experience for those brave enough to venture into the shadowy depths.


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