To enter the Battahl region in Dragon’s Dogma 2, players must acquire a Border Entry Permit. There are two different types of permits available, depending on the outcome of the Arisen’s Shadow quest. The first option is the Beastren Border Entry Permit, which requires the player to either be a Beastren or wear a Beastren Mask as a human. The second option is the Merchant’s Border Entry Permit, which is versatile and can be used by characters of any race. Players can also choose to find a secret back entrance to avoid dealing with the official checkpoint, though this path is fraught with danger.

Using the Official Checkpoint

For those who prefer to take the official route to Battahl, the process begins by progressing through the main story with Captain Brant until the Feast of Deception quest is completed. Afterward, players must speak to him again in the Vernworth Tavern at night. Depending on the player’s choices during the Arisen’s Shadow quest, they will receive either a Merchant’s Border Entry Permit or a Beastren Border Entry Permit. If the player is human and receives the Beastren Permit, they must visit Ibrahim’s Scrap Shop in the North of the Checkpoint Rest Town to purchase and equip a Beastren Mask. With the necessary permit in hand, players can take the Oxcart in the Northwest side of Vernworth to the Checkpoint Rest Town and present it to the guard at the gate.

Exploring the Secret Route

Alternatively, players can choose to take the more perilous path through the secret entrance to Battahl. This hidden route is located along the banks of the river above the Checkpoint Rest Town. By following the river to the West and climbing up some rocks, players can access a tunnel that leads to a challenging path filled with powerful monsters. Along the way, players will encounter rock-covered Saurians, red wolves, a cyclops, minotaurs, zombies, and even a Chimera. While the route is straightforward, players must be prepared to engage in fierce battles or evade enemies to reach the desert region of Battahl.

Embarking on the journey to Battahl in Dragon’s Dogma 2 offers players a choice between bureaucratic procedures and intense monster battles. Whether opting for the official route with a Border Entry Permit or taking the riskier secret path, players will experience unique challenges and rewards in this new region of the game. As adventurers explore the desert landscapes and face formidable foes, they will test their skills and courage in the world of Dragon’s Dogma 2. Good luck to all Arisen on their quest to Battahl!


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