No Rest For The Wicked, the action-RPG that recently launched in Steam Early Access, has been facing an uphill battle with performance issues since its release. The developers at Moon Studios have wasted no time in addressing some of these issues by deploying their first hotfix. While performance improvements are promised in the near future, this update primarily focuses on enhancing the game’s balance and core systems.

One of the main complaints from players revolved around the durability damage taken to gear and the high repair costs in the game. The latest update seeks to alleviate these frustrations by reducing durability damage, lowering repair costs, increasing drop rates on Repair Powders, and decreasing stamina costs and fall damage. Additionally, improvements have been made to the Cerim Crucible boss encounter and certain weapon loot tables to enhance gameplay balance.

In addition to balance changes, the hotfix also includes bug fixes and stability enhancements. Players will no longer experience crashes when quitting to the main menu, and improvements have been made to inventory navigation. A challenging jump at the Potion Seller Cave has been fixed to ensure players can progress smoothly, and out of bounds areas have been blocked off to prevent unintended exploration. Furthermore, lingering developer tools have been removed to provide a more polished gaming experience.

Upon reviewing user feedback on Steam, it is evident that durability and repair costs were major pain points for players. Despite the game’s hardcore nature appealing to dodge-roll melee enthusiasts, the difficulty level seemed to be overwhelming for some. Moon Studios is actively working on addressing these concerns and has outlined a list of known issues with proposed solutions. Remappable controls are also in the works to give players more customization options in the near future.

The ongoing development efforts for No Rest For The Wicked reflect the developers’ commitment to providing a satisfying gaming experience for players. While challenges persist, the continuous updates and communication from Moon Studios demonstrate a dedication to addressing player feedback and improving the game’s overall performance and balance. As the game evolves through Early Access, players can look forward to a more refined and enjoyable gameplay experience in the coming updates.


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