The launch of Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection has been marred by a series of issues, including major server problems and an unusually large file size that is eight times the combined size of the original games. However, the latest controversy surrounding the collection involves the inclusion of fan-made mod content without proper credit.

Modder iamashaymin took to Twitter to raise concerns about their mod content being included in the PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch versions of the Classic Collection without any credit. Specifically, iamashaymin’s mod that brought the Xbox-exclusive character Asajj Ventress to the PC version was reportedly used in the PS5 version as a reskin of Aayla Secura, with different attacking animations. Despite the noticeable differences in animations, iamashaymin was not credited for their work.

In addition to the Asajj Ventress mod, iamashaymin also discovered their modded version of Kit Fisto being used in the Nintendo Switch version of the game. They highlighted that the modded version had the same glitches and bugs as their original creation, raising concerns about the lack of proper credit for their work. Screenshots comparing their adaptation of Kit Fisto’s projectile move with the one in the Classic Collection further emphasized the similarities.

The developer of Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection, Aspyr, quickly patched out the mod files after the issue was brought to light. However, iamashaymin expressed frustration over Aspyr’s initial statement claiming that no uncredited content would be included in the final release. The modder emphasized that while they did not necessarily seek credit for their work, the lack of acknowledgment raised credibility issues for Aspyr.

The controversy surrounding the inclusion of uncredited fan-made mod content in Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection highlights the importance of proper attribution and recognition in the gaming industry. Modders and content creators play a significant role in enhancing the gaming experience for players, and their contributions should be acknowledged and respected by developers. As the gaming industry continues to evolve, it is essential for developers to uphold ethical standards and give credit where credit is due.


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