The winners of the Computex 2024 Best Choice Award have been announced, and it seems that the competition favored high-end, expensive products. This raises questions about the criteria used by the judges to select the winners. While some sensible choices like reasonably-priced laptops were recognized, the inclusion of extremely expensive items like the Asus ROG Matrix Platinum RTX 4090 and the MSI RTX 4090 Suprim Fuzion raises eyebrows. It is unclear how a water-cooled, power-hungry graphics card can be seen as promoting environmental protection and energy efficiency, as stated by the judges. The lack of clarity in the selection criteria leaves room for skepticism and confusion among industry observers.

Some of the winners, such as Asus ROG Ally handheld gaming PC and MSI’s Claw, have raised concerns about the validity of the judging process. While the Asus ROG Ally has received mixed reviews, with some expressing disappointment in its performance, the MSI Claw’s selection as a winner remains a mystery. The questionable choices made by the judges call into question the transparency and integrity of the Best Choice Award selection process. It is essential for industry awards to maintain credibility and fairness in order to uphold their reputation and authority.

One of the most significant criticisms of the Computex 2024 winners is the perceived lack of true innovation and boundary-pushing technology among the selected products. Many of the winning items are conventional tech products that do not appear to offer substantial advancements or groundbreaking features. The absence of genuinely innovative products in the winners’ circle raises concerns about the overall direction and focus of the technology industry. It begs the question of whether the industry is prioritizing style over substance and cost over innovation.

Another crucial aspect of the Computex 2024 winners that has drawn criticism is the pricing of the award-winning products. The majority of the winners are high-end, luxury items that are well beyond the financial means of the average consumer. This raises concerns about accessibility and affordability in the technology sector. It is essential for industry awards to recognize products that are not only technologically advanced but also reasonably priced and accessible to a wider audience. The disparity between the winners’ pricing and the average consumer’s budget highlights the need for greater inclusivity and diversity in product selection.

The Computex 2024 Best Choice Award winners have come under scrutiny for their selection criteria, unexpected choices, lack of innovation, and pricing. The industry must address these issues to maintain credibility and relevance in the ever-evolving technology landscape. It is crucial for awards ceremonies to uphold standards of transparency, fairness, and integrity to ensure that the most deserving and innovative products are recognized and celebrated.


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