Bill Skarsgard steps into the iconic role of Eric Draven in the upcoming remake of the 1994 film, The Crow. Known for his chilling portrayal of Pennywise the Clown in It, Skarsgard will now don the monochromatic face paint of the vengeful Draven seeking justice for his tragic death. Unlike previous iterations of The Crow, this remake aims to delve deeper into the love story between Eric and Shelly, played by Brandon Lee in the original film.

Director Rupert Sanders, best known for Snow White and the Huntsman, has taken on the challenge of reimagining this cult classic. Sanders wanted to pay tribute to Brandon Lee’s memory while bringing a fresh perspective to the story. By focusing on the dark romance and the ethereal themes of loss and grief, Sanders aims to create a film that resonates with audiences on a deeper level.

A New Chapter in The Crow Legacy

With the passing of time since the original Crow film and the tragic death of Brandon Lee on set, the franchise has seen several iterations with different actors taking on the role of the avenging Crow. From Ashe Corven to Alex Corvis, the legacy of The Crow has continued to evolve. Sanders’ film is a departure from the previous adaptations, offering a unique take on James O’Barr’s source material while honoring the memory of Brandon Lee.

A Tribute to a Cult Icon

Sanders is clear that this remake is not simply a rehash of the original but a reimagining that pays homage to the legacy of The Crow. He acknowledges the tragedy of Brandon Lee’s death and the impact it had on the film industry. By infusing the new film with a sense of fragility and beauty reminiscent of Lee’s portrayal, Sanders hopes to honor the original spirit of The Crow while bringing something fresh and relevant to modern audiences.

As the release date for The Crow remake approaches, anticipation is building among fans of the original film and newcomers alike. Bill Skarsgard’s transformation into the iconic character of Eric Draven promises to bring a new dimension to the story, while Rupert Sanders’ vision for a darker and more complex romance sets this remake apart from its predecessors. The Crow opens nationwide on June 7th, inviting audiences to rediscover this haunting tale of love and vengeance in a new light.


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