In the realm of Dragon’s Dogma 2, players have discovered a new threat that can have catastrophic consequences – Dragonsplague. This mysterious illness seems to be random, with some players never encountering it while others face it repeatedly throughout their playthroughs. Dragonsplague is a unique affliction that affects Pawns, both your own and those recruited from other players. The consequences of this illness can be devastating if left untreated, making it crucial for players to understand what it is and how to cure it before it’s too late.

One of the key elements to prevent the destructive effects of Dragonsplague is to pay attention to the warning signs. When an infected Pawn is present, players will receive an in-game pop-up alerting them to a potential calamity if left untreated. This warning should not be ignored, as the consequences of Dragonsplague can be dire. In addition to the pop-up notification, players can also visually spot Dragonsplague in their Pawns. Infected Pawns will exhibit a light red ring around their eyes, along with other potential signs such as swaying, coughing, or unusual behavior. It’s important to be vigilant and observant to catch these symptoms early on.

To prevent a catastrophic explosion caused by Dragonsplague, there are two main methods of treatment. The first option is to dismiss the infected Pawn from your party, eliminating the risk of spreading the illness to others. Alternatively, allowing the infected Pawn to die in battle can also stop the spread of Dragonsplague. If the player’s main Pawn is infected, killing them and then resurrecting them via the Riftstone can cure them of the illness. Another method of curing Dragonsplague is to have the infected Pawn hired by another player, passing on the disease and curing the original Pawn in the process. While this may seem harsh, it is a necessary step to contain the spread of Dragonsplague.

Dealing with the Aftermath

In the event that essential NPCs are accidentally killed due to Dragonsplague, players need not worry about permanently damaging their save file. Important NPCs can be revived after a few in-game days, although some may remain dead. Another option is to seek out Wakestones to resurrect these key characters, however, this resource is rare and not always readily available. The best course of action when facing Dragonsplague is to educate yourself about the illness, remain vigilant for signs of infection, avoid high-risk areas, and cure infected Pawns promptly to prevent disaster.

Overall, Dragonsplague presents a unique challenge in Dragon’s Dogma 2, adding an element of danger and consequence to the game. By understanding the illness, recognizing the symptoms, and taking decisive action to treat infected Pawns, players can navigate their journey more safely and avoid the devastating effects of Dragonsplague. Dragon’s Dogma 2 is now accessible on PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PlayStation 5, offering players an immersive and challenging gaming experience.


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