Actor Jonathon Bailey, widely recognized for his roles in popular series such as Netflix’s Bridgerton and upcoming adaptations like Wicked, has demonstrated a remarkable commitment to a more niche aspect of his career. Years before gaining international acclaim, Bailey lent his voice to the character G’raha Tia in Final Fantasy 14 Stormblood. Despite his newfound fame, he remains steadfast in his determination to continue voicing this beloved character.

In a recent interview with Bafta, Bailey opened up about the lengths he went to in order to prioritize voicing G’raha Tia. During his theater performances in the play Company, Bailey managed to juggle recording sessions for the video game character during the day, while performing in eight nightly shows. This intense schedule took a toll on his health, causing his tongue to become inflamed. However, Bailey reflected on the experience as a worthwhile sacrifice, expressing his dedication to the role and the fans who hold the character dear.

Bailey’s decision to reprise his role as G’raha Tia in the upcoming Dawntrail expansion speaks to his deep connection to the character and the Final Fantasy 14 community. Beyond personal affection, Bailey also praises the quality of the writing in the game, comparing it to Shakespearean prose. He highlights a poignant line from the script, demonstrating his admiration for the storytelling and thematic depth present in the game.

Despite his rising stardom and busy schedule, Bailey remains humble and appreciative of the opportunity to voice G’raha Tia. He acknowledges the impact the character has on dedicated fans and expresses his gratitude for being able to contribute to such a well-loved franchise. Bailey’s commitment to balancing his various acting roles, recognizing the significance of character continuity, and embracing the challenges of multi-faceted performances underscores his dedication to his craft and the art of storytelling in all its forms.


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