Hidetaka Miyazaki, the president and frequent director at FromSoftware, has made it clear that his passion lies in game development rather than managerial duties. Despite his prestigious role within the company, Miyazaki jokes that “about 95%” of his time is dedicated to actually creating and directing games. This hands-on approach speaks to his commitment to the craft and his desire to stay closely involved in the creative process.

FromSoftware, once known for cult classics like Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls, experienced a significant shift with the release of Elden Ring. This open-world game has sold over 25 million copies and brought the studio into the mainstream spotlight. Despite this newfound popularity, Miyazaki remains grounded in his love for game development. He acknowledges the importance of his role in nurturing younger directors and guiding the company’s future while still actively participating in game creation.

In an interview with the Guardian, Miyazaki emphasizes his unwavering passion for making games. He finds joy and satisfaction in the process of game development, regardless of his title within the company. While he appreciates the opportunity to mentor emerging talent, Miyazaki prefers to be directly involved in the hands-on work of game creation. This approach allows him to communicate his creative vision and process to a new generation of developers.

As Miyazaki reflects on his nearly 10 years as president of FromSoftware, he recognizes the importance of staying true to his roots as a game creator. While his role may involve managerial responsibilities, his heart lies in crafting immersive and challenging gaming experiences. By balancing leadership duties with hands-on game development, Miyazaki ensures that his creative influence continues to shape the company’s direction for years to come.


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