The Destiny 2 Alone in the Dark quest is a unique task that requires players to assist Micah-10 in recovering and healing lost Ghosts in the Pale Heart area. This quest offers exciting rewards and can be repeated multiple times with variations in objectives and challenges, providing a fresh experience each time. To embark on the Alone in the Dark quest, players must have completed The Final Shape campaign, concluding with the Destiny 2 Iconoclasm mission, and finished the Convalescence: Rootbound, Underbrush, and Greenery quests from Micah-10.

The Alone in the Dark quest consists of several steps that players must complete in order to progress and ultimately unlock the rewards offered. These steps include finding and healing lost Ghosts, opening challenge chests in specific locations, inverting Cyst variants, completing Cyst activities, and returning to the Arbor of Light in the Lost City Tower to free the Ghost. Additionally, players must collect rewards from Micah-10 upon successful completion of the quest.

One of the notable aspects of the Alone in the Dark quest is its repeatable nature, allowing players to undertake the quest multiple times and earn additional rewards with each completion. The quest follows a consistent structure, although the location of the lost Ghost and the required Cyst may vary in each run. It is essential to complete the Alone in the Dark quest at least five times to unlock all Cyst activity variants and access unique Pale Heart weapons for crafting.

Completing the Alone in the Dark quest offers players a choice of three Pale Heart weapons – the Bold Endings Hand Cannon, Axial Lacuna Fusion Rifle, and False Idols Sword. The initial completions guarantee one of these weapons with the added bonus of Deepsight, while subsequent runs provide a chance for Deepsight on the weapons. Moreover, players can earn Memory Vestiges during Cyst activities as part of the quest, contributing to their Ghost reputation rank and enhancing their crafting capabilities.

In the Alone in the Dark quest, players will encounter lost Ghosts in various locations within the Pale Heart area. These Ghosts can be found in specific Lost Sectors, such as Forgotten Deep Lost Sector 1 and 2, Blooming Deep Lost Sector 1 and 2, and Broken Deep Lost Sector 1 and 2. Each Ghost location presents a unique challenge that players must overcome to heal the lost Ghost and progress in the quest.

Within the Pale Heart area, players will encounter Cysts, which are mini challenges located in secret areas. These challenges either require navigating to the final boss and defeating it or solving a particular mechanic crucial to the boss’s defeat. Upon defeating the boss, players must heal the Ghost to complete the Cyst challenge successfully. Cysts contribute to the overall immersive experience of the Alone in the Dark quest and offer additional opportunities for gameplay and rewards.

The Destiny 2 Alone in the Dark quest presents players with an engaging and rewarding experience in the Pale Heart area. By following the quest steps, locating lost Ghosts, overcoming challenges in the Cysts, and collecting rewards, players can enhance their gameplay and crafting capabilities in Destiny 2. Take on the Alone in the Dark quest, embrace the mysteries of the Pale Heart, and unlock the secrets hidden within.


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