Destiny 2 is a game that offers players a wide array of unique weapons, and the Ergo Sum Sword is no exception. This Exotic weapon comes with a variety of perks that can greatly enhance your gameplay experience. In this guide, we will delve into the details of how to obtain the Ergo Sum sword, the best rolls for it, and how to maximize its potential in Destiny 2.

To acquire the Ergo Sum sword in Destiny 2, players must complete the Destined Heroes quest. This quest becomes available after finishing the Destiny 2 The Final Shape campaign. The Destined Heroes quest is straightforward but time-consuming, as it involves completing several Adventure missions and engaging in various tasks within the game. Players must follow a series of steps, including listening to an audio message, completing missions, and interacting with NPCs like Micah-10 and Cayde-6.

Best Rolls for the Ergo Sum Sword

The Ergo Sum sword offers a diverse selection of Frame, Blade, Guard, and Exotic perks that can significantly impact its performance. While the Blade and Guard perks may not be crucial, players should prioritize perks like Jagged Edge and Swordmaster’s Guard for maximizing damage output. Additionally, the Exotic Catalyst for the Ergo Sum sword can help alleviate ammo issues and further enhance its capabilities. Players should experiment with different perk combinations based on their preferred playstyle and subclass.

Once players have obtained the Ergo Sum sword, they can pursue additional random rolls by participating in specific activities within Destiny 2. For example, completing the Pale Heart Pathfinder each week guarantees players two opportunities to receive an Ergo Sum sword. Additionally, defeating Overthrow final bosses and opening reward chests, as well as completing Grandmaster Excision activities, can also yield Ergo Sum rolls. Players seeking to enhance their collection of Ergo Sum swords should focus on these activities.

The Exotic Catalyst for the Ergo Sum sword is a valuable resource that can further optimize its performance. This Catalyst is a guaranteed drop from completing the Destiny 2 Excision activity on Grandmaster difficulty. However, the Grandmaster Excision activity is not easy and requires patience and skill to complete successfully. Players should refer to specific guides for tips on overcoming the challenges posed by this activity and obtaining the coveted Exotic Catalyst for the Ergo Sum sword.

The Destiny 2 Ergo Sum sword is a unique Exotic weapon that offers players a range of perks and possibilities. By completing the Destined Heroes quest, experimenting with different perk combinations, and engaging in specific activities, players can acquire and maximize the potential of the Ergo Sum sword in Destiny 2. Whether seeking to enhance damage output, alleviate ammo issues, or unlock new abilities, the Ergo Sum sword presents exciting opportunities for players to explore and enjoy in the world of Destiny 2.


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