The anticipation and hope for a sequel to the 2017 FPS game, Prey, has come to a crushing halt with the recent closure of Arkane Austin. Alongside other studios like Tango Gameworks, Arkane Austin has been shuttered, leaving fans devastated at the prospect of never seeing a continuation of the beloved game series.

Prey, released in 2017, was a reboot of the 2006 FPS game with the same name, created by Human Head. Fans of the franchise have been eagerly awaiting a sequel, but with the closure of Arkane Austin, the chances of seeing Prey 2 have significantly dwindled. Despite the game’s popularity among players and critics, it was deemed a commercial flop, which may have contributed to Microsoft’s reluctance to greenlight a sequel.

An avid Prey fan account had been counting down the days to a potential sequel with over 2,500 tweets simply stating, “no.” However, after the news of Arkane Austin’s closure, the account shared a heartbreaking tweet signaling the end of their hope for a sequel. The closure of the studio has effectively ended any chance of a continuation to the Prey series, leaving fans mourning the loss of what could have been.

With the cancellation of Prey 2 and the closure of Arkane Austin, the future of the franchise appears bleak. Despite Microsoft’s recent successes with games like Hi-Fi Rush and Redfall, the lack of a sequel to Prey suggests that some games may never see the light of day again. The disappointment among fans is palpable, as they come to terms with the fact that their beloved game may remain a standalone title forever.

The closure of Arkane Austin has dashed the hopes of Prey fans everywhere. The prospect of a sequel to the beloved game series has been extinguished, leaving a sense of loss and disappointment among those who were eagerly awaiting its continuation. With the studio shuttered and no plans for a sequel in sight, it seems that Prey will remain a singular experience for those who have come to love and appreciate the game for what it is.


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