The Delta Pro 3 from EcoFlow is a portable solar generator that promises to be a game changer when it comes to providing power during emergencies, outdoor events, or even for off-grid living. With the ability to power an entire home during a blackout, an RV’s electrical system, or a beach party, the Delta Pro 3 seems to be a versatile and powerful device.

The Delta Pro 3 comes as an upgrade from its predecessor, the Delta Pro I, with enhancements such as increased storage capacity, more powerful inputs and outputs, reduced noise, and a wider wheelbase for easier mobility. The Delta Pro 3 can scale from 4kWh of LFP capacity to 12kWh by stacking two 4kWh expansion batteries, making it suitable for various power needs. It can power both 120V and 240V appliances with up to 4000W of output (8000W peak), making it capable of powering essential household appliances such as refrigerators, ovens, and cooling systems.

Power and Capacity

The Delta Pro 3 can be linked with multiple units to increase power and capacity. When connected to an EcoFlow Smart Home Panel 2, three maxed-out DP3 units can provide 12kW of output and 48kWh of storage, which is sufficient to power the average US home for about a day and a half. This capacity can be extended even longer if only critical devices are powered, making the Delta Pro 3 a reliable backup solution for prolonged power outages.

Charging Options

The Delta Pro 3 offers various charging options, including solar inputs, AC wall charger, EV chargers, and EcoFlow’s Dual Fuel Generator. It can be charged in a vehicle using EcoFlow’s Alternator Charger or from a 12V cigarette socket. The device supports multi-charging by combining different inputs for faster charging, providing flexibility and convenience for users in different settings.

Aside from home use, the Delta Pro 3 is also suitable for powering RVs and vans. It features a TT-30R outlet for 120V/30A power and a 12V/30A Anderson port for low-voltage DC devices. The device is designed to be quiet, operating at less than 30dB when under 2000W, making it ideal for small living spaces where noise levels are critical.

Pricing and Availability

The Delta Pro 3 is priced at $3,699 per unit, with a discounted rate of $3,199 until July 23rd. The price increases to $6,298 when combined with an expansion battery. The device will be available in Europe and the UK starting in September, offering a global market for this innovative power solution.

The EcoFlow Delta Pro 3 presents itself as a versatile and powerful portable solar generator that caters to various power needs, from home backup to outdoor events and off-grid living. With its improved features, charging options, and quiet operation, the Delta Pro 3 seems to be a reliable and convenient power solution for a wide range of users.


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