With the closure of the Digital Xbox 360 Store set for July 29, 2024, Xbox has recently added a plethora of new games to the discount pile. Not only are the existing games on sale, but Xbox has also included a selection of well-known titles such as Batman: Arkham Asylum, City, and Origins Blackgate, the Devil May Cry series, Dishonored, and more. These games are generously discounted by 75-90%, with most falling within the AUD $5-10 price range. It’s important to note that games with Backward Compatibility features can still be played on modern consoles, ensuring that your purchases remain enjoyable even if you don’t own an Xbox 360.

One of the main reasons for Xbox hosting this sale is to provide players with an opportunity to preserve games that may disappear once the store is shut down. Digital storefronts have a limited lifespan, and maintaining servers indefinitely is not feasible. Although the closure of this store is a blow to game preservation efforts, Xbox is commendably giving gamers a chance to save their digital-only titles. By purchasing games during this sale, players can ensure that they will be downloadable and playable on Xbox 360 and modern consoles for the foreseeable future.

Among the standout titles available at discounted prices on the Digital Xbox 360 Store are classics like Alone in the Dark, Bionic Commando Rearmed, Bulletstorm, Dead Rising, Devil May Cry HD Collection, Dishonored, Just Dance series, Lego Harry Potter, Metal Gear Solid V, Resident Evil series, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Skyrim, and more. Players can head to Xbox Wire to view the full list of discounted games, with Xbox promising additional titles to be added to the sale starting from July 16, 2024.

As the closure date of the Digital Xbox 360 Store draws near, gamers have a limited window to take advantage of the discounts and secure their favorite titles. The store will be permanently shut down at the end of July, marking the end of an era for Xbox 360 gaming. While this closure may be disappointing for fans of the platform, it also represents a transition towards newer technologies and gaming experiences. Xbox’s decision to offer discounts and a chance for preservation showcases its commitment to its player community and the legacy of digital gaming.

The impending closure of the Digital Xbox 360 Store serves as a reminder of the transient nature of digital storefronts and the importance of preserving gaming history. While it may be bittersweet to say goodbye to a beloved platform, the memories and experiences created through these games will always remain. As we look towards the future of gaming, let us remember the incredible titles and moments that the Xbox 360 era has provided us with, and cherish the opportunity to revisit them before they fade into the digital archives.


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