Amidst news of Toys for Bob breaking off to become an independent studio, it has been announced that Crash Team Rumble, their multiplayer party game, will be winding down. The final update for the game is scheduled to launch on March 4th, marking the end of new content for players. Despite this, the game will still be accessible for current players to enjoy, with no additional updates or content in the pipeline.

With the upcoming update, players can look forward to receiving a free 500-tier battle pass, containing a total of 104 new items to unlock. This update will also bring back various items and collectibles from past seasons, allowing players to complete their collections before the game fades into the background. However, Crash Coins, the in-game currency used for purchases, will no longer be available for purchase once the update goes live.

Toys for Bob’s decision to go independent has left Crash Team Rumble in a precarious position. With the studio losing the development rights to beloved franchises like Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon, it’s unclear what the future holds for the game. While a partnership with Microsoft is in the works, there are bound to be challenges in the transition period. It’s possible that the studio is ready to move on from Crash Team Rumble and explore new ventures, as hinted at by their focus on creating a new game.

As stated in a recent blog post, Toys for Bob is excited about the opportunities that come with being an independent company. They are eager to leave behind past projects and embrace a brighter future filled with new possibilities. While Crash Team Rumble may be coming to an end, players can still enjoy the game for the time being as the studio looks ahead to their next adventure.


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