The latest episode of Stories From The Outlands has shaken the Apex Legends community with the introduction of Season 21’s debut Legend, Alter. A portal-hopping anomaly with a mysterious past, Alter is a character shrouded in mystery and intrigue. Narrated by Alter herself, the episode hints that she may not be from the same dimension as the other Legends, adding to her enigmatic nature.

Throughout the episode, Alter reveals snippets of her past, including the tragic death of her parents and her training as an assassin by a secretive organization. Physically, Alter stands out with her cyberpunk tiefling appearance, complete with horn-like antennae and a mechanical arm reminiscent of Doc Ock. Her voice carries an inorganic tone, similar to robotic Legends like Ash and Pathfinder, adding to her mystique.

Alter’s story hints at possible connections to other Legends in the Apex Games universe. Her portal-hopping abilities, reminiscent of Wraith’s powers, and her references to a past as a hunter similar to Bloodhound raise questions about her true identity. The shattered glass portals she uses bear a striking similarity to Wraith’s own journey into the current dimension, suggesting a deeper connection between the two characters.

Despite her revelations, Alter remains a puzzle yet to be solved. Her ambiguous statements and cryptic references leave viewers with more questions than answers. Does she have ties to Horizon, Bloodhound, or even Revenant? The animated short gives little away, leaving fans to speculate on Alter’s true nature and motivations.

Alter’s character is complex and multifaceted, with hints of different personalities and abilities from various Legends. Her fluency in Cantonese adds another layer to her enigmatic persona, hinting at a depth of knowledge and experience beyond what has been shown so far. As she declares herself to be “the one who’s there at the end,” the mystery surrounding Alter only deepens.

Alter’s debut in Season 21 promises to bring a new level of intrigue and mystery to the world of Apex Legends. With her enigmatic past, unique abilities, and possible connections to other characters, Alter stands out as a compelling addition to the game’s roster. As players eagerly await her arrival, the story of Alter continues to unfold, leaving fans to unravel the secrets hidden within the realm of the Apex Games.


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