The voice actor for Cloud Strife in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth and Remake, Cody Christian, opened up about how the character’s most iconic line, “Not interested,” played a crucial role in shaping his portrayal of Cloud. Christian revealed that this particular line was ingrained in his mind for three months, serving as his anchor during the recording process. He explained how he would always refer back to this line whenever he needed to reconnect with the character’s tone or emotions, showcasing the depth and complexity of Cloud’s persona.

While “Not interested” may seem like a simple and dismissive phrase on the surface, it holds far more significance in the narrative of Cloud Strife. Christian delves into the layers of Cloud’s character, noting that his tough and cold exterior is merely a facade that shields the vulnerability and emotional depth within. As players progress through the game, they are able to peel back these layers and witness the true essence of Cloud – a young man who has been hardened by life’s circumstances, yet remains inherently likable.

Christian highlights the character development that unfolds throughout the game, emphasizing how Cloud evolves from a stoic and distant figure to a more empathetic and relatable individual. He mentions how in the sequel, players are exposed to the core of Cloud’s being, showcasing his emotional struggles, vulnerability, and ultimately, his likability. This shift in perception allows players to connect with Cloud on a deeper level, transcending his initial portrayal as a distant and detached protagonist.

Despite its simplicity, “Not interested” has become a lasting symbol of Cloud Strife’s journey and growth as a character. The line has permeated various aspects of pop culture, from memes to video game crossovers, solidifying Cloud’s status as an iconic and multifaceted figure in the gaming world. Christian’s insights into the significance of this line shed light on the nuances of Cloud’s character, inviting players to explore the complexities beneath the surface of a seemingly unassuming phrase.

Cody Christian’s reflection on the impact of Cloud Strife’s iconic line offers a poignant reminder of the depth and richness of character development in video games. Through his portrayal, Cloud transcends the boundaries of a typical JRPG protagonist, emerging as a multifaceted and compelling figure whose journey continues to resonate with players worldwide.


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