After what feels like a long-awaited moment, NIS America has finally announced the Western release date for Ys X: Nordics on Switch. Fans can mark their calendars for October 25th, 2024, as the day when they can finally immerse themselves in the latest installment of the beloved Ys series. The game first made its debut in Japan last September, and now, after a year of anticipation, Western audiences can join in on the adventure.

Ys X: Nordics follows the journey of two heroes, Adol and Karja, as they embark on a quest to save Obelia Gulf from the brink of civil war. Players will have the unique opportunity to switch between controlling Adol and Karja independently or together, using their individual strengths to overcome enemies. The game introduces a new Cross Action System, allowing for seamless coordination between the two characters to unleash powerful attacks and navigate challenging obstacles.

Unleashing the Power of Mana

One of the standout features of Ys X: Nordics is the introduction of Mana abilities, adding a new layer of gameplay dynamics to the series. Players can harness the unique powers of Mana to grapple, slide, and demolish obstacles in dungeons, uncover hidden treasures, and unlock critical points in the game. This strategic element adds depth to the gameplay experience, offering players new ways to approach challenges in the world of Obelia Gulf.

For the first time in the Ys series, players will have the opportunity to take to the high seas with naval exploration and combat. The sailing ship, Sandras, becomes a crucial aspect of the game, allowing players to travel across oceans, engage in naval battles, and discover uncharted islands. This new dimension of gameplay promises to enhance the overall experience, offering a fresh perspective on exploration and adventure.

Limited Edition physical copies of Ys X: Nordics are now available for purchase through the NIS America store at $104.99. Fans of the Ys series can secure their copy and prepare to dive into the captivating world of Obelia Gulf, where two heroes’ destinies collide in a tale of courage, friendship, and epic adventures. Get ready to set sail on the high seas and experience a new chapter in the legendary Ys saga on your Nintendo Switch.


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