Speculation has been circulating for some time now about the potential release of a Deku Tree LEGO set. According to recent rumors, it appears that fans may not have to wait much longer to get their hands on this highly anticipated set. Reports suggest that the Deku Tree LEGO set is scheduled for release on September 1st, 2024, with a price tag of €299.99. This set is said to contain an impressive 2,500 pieces, four minifigures, and two new pieces featuring the Hylian Shield and Ocarina.

The rumored Deku Tree LEGO set is expected to include iconic characters such as Classic Link, Young Link, Breath of the Wild Link, and BOTW Zelda. Additionally, fans can look forward to seeing two new pieces that represent the Hylian Shield and Ocarina. It is speculated that the set will portray either the green Ocarina of Time or pink Breath of the Wild Deku Tree designs, with the option to rebuild the set to switch between the two.

Rumors about the Deku Tree set first surfaced last year when a potential build was featured in a LEGO survey. Despite photos and videos of the set facing copyright issues, the speculation resurfaced earlier this year when a LEGO insider shared additional details, including a release date and the number of bricks, closely aligning with the recent rumors. While there has been no official confirmation yet, the excitement surrounding this potential release is undeniable.

This potential Deku Tree LEGO set follows the successful collaboration between Nintendo and LEGO, which brought a range of popular Animal Crossing sets to fans earlier this year. The initial release of Animal Crossing LEGO sets was met with great enthusiasm, prompting the announcement of even more builds shortly after. With the anticipation building for the rumored Deku Tree set, fans are eagerly awaiting its release and the opportunity to bring a beloved video game landmark to life in LEGO form.

While the Deku Tree LEGO set has yet to be officially confirmed, the buzz and excitement surrounding its potential release are undeniable. Fans of LEGO and The Legend of Zelda series are eagerly waiting to see if this highly anticipated set will become a reality in the near future. As we continue to speculate and eagerly await further updates, the idea of owning a Deku Tree LEGO set remains a thrilling prospect for fans of both franchises.


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