The launch of the LEGO Animal Crossing line in March 2024 included five sets inspired by Nintendo’s slow-life-simulation game. However, there was a hidden sixth bonus set called Maple’s Pumpkin Garden, which was only available online through Lego stores. This small polybag set features a bonus minifig along with a few terrain modules, making it an exclusive collectible for fans. But is it worth the hunt and the potential extra cost?

Maple’s Pumpkin Garden includes the adorable Maple minifigure, complete with a cute print and a watering can to tend to the garden. The set also features a pumpkin patch surrounded by a white picket fence panel, as well as a terrain module with a hill, ladder, and a small pink flower. While the extra pieces such as a green stalk and flowery studs allow for some customization, the main attraction here is undeniably the Maple minifig.

Cost and Availability

Priced at $4.99 / £3.49 / €3.99 for 29 pieces, the cost-to-piece ratio may not be the best, but considering the exclusivity of the minifigure, it can be deemed as a good deal. However, the challenge lies in its availability, as the bonus set has been sold out in most official outlets. This has led fans to resort to third-party sellers like eBay, where the set can be found at a premium price. While the possibility of a restock by Lego remains uncertain, the demand for these exclusive sets within the Animal Crossing line suggests potential future releases.

For die-hard fans and collectors, Maple’s Pumpkin Garden may be a worthwhile addition to their Lego Animal Crossing collection. The appeal of owning an exclusive minifigure and a unique set for a relatively low price is undeniable. However, the decision to purchase this bonus set ultimately depends on your budget and level of commitment to completing the collection. While some may be willing to pay extra to secure the set, others may prefer to wait for a possible restock or opt to pass on it altogether.

Maple’s Pumpkin Garden offers an exclusive and adorable addition to the LEGO Animal Crossing line, but its value ultimately depends on individual preferences and priorities. Whether you choose to splurge on this bonus set or patiently wait for a potential restock, the decision should be based on your love for the game and the satisfaction of completing your collection. Remember, in the world of collectibles, the price of exclusivity is often a premium worth paying for true fans.


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