In the original Dragon’s Dogma, players could inadvertently find themselves in a romantic relationship with NPCs based on their interactions throughout the game. This Affinity system allowed for players to form attachments with characters by completing quests, giving gifts, or simply conversing with them. The surprise of seeing a random innkeeper appear as a sweetheart during the ending scenes was a humorous yet unintended consequence of this system. While there were characters positioned as more obvious romance options, the beauty of the system was the ability to raise Affinity with nearly any NPC in the game. Dragon’s Dogma 2 promises to enhance this system, making it even more pronounced and interactive.

Hideaki Itsuno, the series director of Dragon’s Dogma, revealed that in the sequel, the Affinity system will play a crucial role in determining various in-game events and the relationships between NPCs. Players will have the opportunity to affect relationships between characters by raising their Affinity with one NPC impacting their relationship with others. For example, bonding with a child’s parent will also increase Affinity with the child. Conversely, NPCs can also fall out with each other, adding a layer of complexity to the game’s social dynamics. The expanded Affinity feature in Dragon’s Dogma 2 aims to offer a deeper and more immersive experience for players.

One of the key features of Dragon’s Dogma 2 is the vulnerability of NPCs to death. Itsuno stated that the game’s premise of creating a fantasy world simulator includes the normal occurrence of NPCs dying. Players will need to protect their cherished characters during battles, potentially having to carry them to safety. The threat of losing NPCs adds a sense of urgency to gameplay, as death is irreversible in the game unless resurrected using rare Wakestones. Capcom hopes that the risk of losing beloved characters will prompt players to act responsibly and with care.

Producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi emphasized the significance of death in Dragon’s Dogma 2, stating that it creates a sense of danger and impacts player actions. The fear of death is meant to instill caution in players, encouraging them to make thoughtful decisions and assess risks carefully. Itsuno added that the feeling of adventure in the game is rooted in the possibility of death, as overcoming challenges without the threat of failure diminishes the sense of accomplishment. The development team values the tension that comes from the fear of death in gameplay, as it drives players to be cautious and strategic in their actions.

While the expanded Affinity system and the emphasis on NPC mortality in Dragon’s Dogma 2 may seem daunting, they serve to enrich the player experience and create a more immersive and dynamic world. Players will need to navigate intricate relationships, protect NPCs, and confront the real consequences of death in the game. As the game’s development team aims to challenge players and evoke a sense of adventure, the upcoming sequel promises a unique and engaging gameplay experience. With a focus on organic relationships, player choices, and the fear of death, Dragon’s Dogma 2 appears poised to deliver a captivating and emotionally resonant gaming experience.


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