Fallout 4 has introduced a new quest called All Hallows’ Eve, which involves finding a mysterious password to unlock a safe in the New England Technocrat Society. This guide will walk you through the steps to uncovering the password and accessing the contents of the safe.

Locating the Harbormaster Hotel

To begin this quest, tune in to the Mysterious Signal broadcast on the Radio tab of your Pip-Boy after installing the next-gen update. Once the source of the signal is found, a marker will appear on your map in Boston, to the east of Diamond City. This will lead you to the Harbormaster Hotel, which is the entrance to the New England Technocrat Society.

Upon entering the hotel, you will be faced with a group of feral ghouls who will attack you. Head up the stairs to the right as you enter the main room to avoid the choking gas and take out the ghouls. Be prepared to face the tough boss, Mr. Wendt, who can resurrect defeated ghouls. Focus on eliminating them quickly to proceed to the next stage of the quest.

After defeating the ghouls, you will come across a hallway with four numbered doors and a locked door with a keypad. Look for Dr. Santiago, a ghoul with a Jack O’Lantern mask, and put it on yourself. Follow the quest marker to Lana’s Notes, which will provide clues to the password based on the contents of the rooms:
– Room 1: Specimen Jars
– Room 2: Skull Candles
– Room 3: Teddy Bears
– Room 4: Jack-O’-Lanterns
By counting the specified items in each room, you will get the password – 4346. Enter this code on the keypad to access the locked room where you can disable the system and open the safe.

Inside the safe, you will find valuable items as well as the Picket Fences Halloween Special magazine on the desk next to the terminal. This magazine will give you access to Halloween-themed settlement decorations for your inventory, adding an extra bonus to completing the quest.

Unraveling the Fallout 4 All Hallows’ Eve password is a key step in progressing through this intriguing quest. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you will successfully unlock the safe and reap the rewards waiting for you inside. Good luck, wasteland wanderer!


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