Bungie recently unveiled a major gameplay reveal for Destiny 2: The Final Shape that is set to revolutionize the game’s current build options with a mix of new and existing abilities. The expansion introduces the Prismatic subclass, which combines Light and Dark abilities from all five subclasses. This new subclass features a Transcendence bar that offers a stackable weapon damage bonus and the ability to instantly refresh abilities by dealing Light and Dark damage.

Described as an “advanced” subclass, Prismatic offers players more Fragments and Fragment slots, allowing for a much wider range of buildcrafting possibilities. With the ability to mix and match abilities from different subclasses, players can create unique combinations that were previously unimaginable. This new subclass opens up a world of possibilities for players to experiment and create their own custom loadouts.

In addition to the new subclass, The Final Shape reintroduces Exotic class items in a unique way. Players can now hunt for randomly rolled Exotic class items that combine two Exotic armor perks into one slot. What makes this feature truly exciting is that players can equip Exotic perks from armor outside of their own class. This merges the boundaries between classes, allowing for even more diverse and powerful builds.

One of the most anticipated additions in The Final Shape is the introduction of a new enemy race called the Dread. Featuring fearsome warriors, flying adversaries with wings, and Strand-equipped weavers with crowd control abilities, the Dread pose a significant challenge for players to overcome. Not to mention, there is even a bat with a gun known as the “Gunbat,” adding a quirky yet threatening enemy to the mix.

As Destiny 2 players gear up for the release of The Final Shape, the community is buzzing with excitement over the fresh gameplay possibilities and challenges that await. The abundance of new features, from the Prismatic subclass to the Exotic class items and the introduction of the Dread, has reignited interest and enthusiasm among players. The expansion promises to deliver a game-changing experience that will leave a lasting impact on the Destiny 2 universe.

The Final Shape is shaping up to be a transformative expansion for Destiny 2, offering players a wealth of new gameplay opportunities and challenges to explore. With the introduction of the Prismatic subclass, revamped Exotic class items, and the addition of a formidable new enemy race, players can look forward to diving into a world of endless customization and innovation. The countdown to The Final Shape’s release has begun, and fans are eagerly awaiting the chance to embark on this thrilling new chapter in the Destiny 2 saga.


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