The new Exotic Class Items introduced in Destiny 2’s The Final Shape expansion have sparked excitement among players for their ability to create unique and powerful Prismatic builds. These Class Items, exclusive to each of the three Classes, offer a variety of perks inspired by Exotic armor across Destiny 2, allowing players to experiment with new perk combinations for their builds.

In The Final Shape expansion, players can unlock Exotic Class Items that are specifically designed to work with the Light/Darkness hybrid Subclass, Prismatic. These Class Items randomly roll with two perks inspired by Exotic armor pieces from other Classes, offering the opportunity to mix and match perks for powerful combinations.

Each Class’s Class Item contains two slots for perks, with a total of eight possible perks in each slot. While players cannot freely combine all 16 perks, there are still powerful options available. Additionally, some perks are inspired by Exotic armor from other Classes, opening up new possibilities for Prismatic builds.

Here is a breakdown of the Exotic Class item perks available for each Class in Destiny 2 The Final Shape:

Hunter – Essentialism

– Spirit of Caliban: Powered melee final blows trigger an ignition.
– Spirit of the Wormhusk: Dodging gives a small health and shield bump.
– Spirit of Verity: Weapon final blows with a damage type matching your Grenade grant a stacking Grenade damage bonus.
– Spirit of Synthoceps: Improves melee damage when you’re surrounded.
– Spirit of the Star-Eater: While your Super energy is full, picking up an Orb of Power overcharges your Super with bonus damage.
– Spirit of the Coyote: Gain an additional Class ability charge.
– Spirit of Renewal: Allies inside the Duskfield Grenade field take reduced damage and targets inside the field deal reduced damage.
– Spirit of the Dragon: Using your class ability reloads all weapons and increases weapon handling speeds for a brief time.

Titan – Stoicism

– Spirit of the Bear: Move faster while guarding with the Unbreakable shield.
– Spirit of Scars: Final blows with weapons that have a damage type matching your Super’s element create a burst of healing around you that grants allied restoration.
– Spirit of Contact: Damaging a target with a powered Melee causes all nearby targets to suffer lightning strikes and become jolted.
– Spirit of Alpha Lupi: Generates a healing pulse when Barricade is activated.
– Spirit of the Armamentarium: Gain an additional Grenade charge.
– Spirit of the Hoarfrost: Your Barricade becomes a wall of Stasis crystals that slows nearby targets when created.
– Spirit of Severance: Powered Melee final blows and Finishers unleash a damaging explosion.
– Spirit of the Eternal Warrior: Gain bonus damage for weapons matching your Super’s element when your Super ends.

Warlock – Solipsism

– Spirit of the Filaments: Casting an Empowering Rift grants Devour.
– Spirit of Harmony: Final blows with weapons that have a damage type matching your Super’s element grant you Super energy.
– Spirit of Starfire: Rifts periodically release Arc shockwaves.
– Spirit of Apotheosis: Temporarily gain greatly increased melee and grenade regeneration after your Super ends.
– Spirit of the Ophidian: Weapons reload very quickly.
– Spirit of Vesper: Rifts periodically release Arc shockwaves.
– Spirit of Osmiomancy: Your grenades recharge quicker on hits.
– Spirit of the Stag: Your Rifts provide damage reduction to allies standing inside them.

The introduction of Exotic Class Items in The Final Shape expansion has given players the opportunity to experiment with new and powerful perk combinations for their Prismatic builds in Destiny 2. With perks inspired by Exotic armor from other Classes, players can create unique and potent loadouts that cater to their playstyle. As players hunt down the right perk rolls for their builds, the possibilities for creating powerful Prismatic builds are endless.


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