Recently, Arkane Austin’s vampire shooter Redfall received its final update as the developers are being let go by parent company Microsoft. The update, known as Redfall game update 4, brings in some highly requested features such as an offline mode and single-player pausing. Additionally, players can now enjoy new in-game progression features like the Community Standing bar and Elder Nests, which are vampire nests with specially modified bosses.

Community Standing and Elder Nests

The Community Standing bar allows players to spend Support currency on rewards from the Safehouse Skill tree. Moreover, the Elder Nests, which can be found around Redfall with a purple glow, provide players with temporary Heart Shard buffs that scale to the campaign difficulty upon defeating the boss vampire within. These new additions aim to enhance the overall gameplay experience and provide players with new challenges to overcome in the game.

The revamped Neighbourhood feature introduces six ranks of Community Standing with 39 permanent buffs. These buffs range from cosmetic additions appearing on the map and compass to gameplay-enhancing features like the Escape Plan buff, which activates a salvaged Bellwether cloak for a brief period when the player’s health is critical. The Community Standing Skill Tree upgrades are designed to offer a combination of quality of life improvements and gameplay benefits for players.

The Studio Closure and Future Prospects

Unfortunately, Microsoft announced the closure of Arkane Austin and Hi-Fi Rush developers Tango Gameworks as part of a consolidation of their studio teams. This decision was made to allow for deeper investment in the portfolio of games and new IPs. While Arkane Austin’s previous works, such as the acclaimed Prey, have received praise, Redfall faced challenges due to bugs, lack of engaging activities, and limited post-launch support in its first year.

Despite its shortcomings, Redfall managed to capture the essence of an intriguing setting with impressive visuals that hinted at its potential. The game’s portrayal of a port town overrun by vampires, along with its immersive interiors and moments of wonder, showcased Arkane Austin’s talent for world-building. While the game may never fully realize its initial vision, the addition of offline support ensures that Redfall will remain accessible even after Microsoft discontinues its servers.

Farewell to Arkane Austin

As the developers bid farewell to Arkane Austin, the gaming community reflects on the team’s contributions and legacy. While the closure of the studio brings an end to an era, the memories of their work, dedication, and creativity will endure. Best wishes are extended to all the survivors of Arkane Austin as they embark on new journeys and projects in the ever-evolving landscape of the gaming industry.


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