The recent release of The Finals update 1.7.0 has brought about significant alterations to the game’s progression system. These changes aim to streamline the advancement process through battle pass levels, particularly for players seeking skins and cosmetics. By increasing the amount of XP awarded for various in-game actions, players can now progress at a much faster pace. For example, opening a vault now rewards 200 XP instead of the previous 100 XP, while stealing a cashout grants 300 XP instead of the original 100 XP.

XP Tweaks

One of the key modifications introduced in the update is the adjustment of XP rewards for different tasks within the game. Weekly Contracts have seen a substantial increase in XP, with the amount for Weekly Contracts raised from 2000 to 4500 and Weekly Goals from 4000 to 9000. Additionally, the number of Weekly Contracts required to complete the Weekly Goal has been reduced from 8 to 6, making it more achievable for players.

Players can now earn higher XP for opening a vault (200 XP), starting a cashout (300 XP), completing a cashout (400 XP), and stealing a cashout (300 XP). Furthermore, the XP awarded for finishing in different positions in a round has also been boosted, with rewards ranging from 200 to 800 XP based on the player’s performance.

As part of the update, the “Dead Go Boom” game show event has been disabled. This temporary modifier caused bodies to explode shortly after death during matches. The developers cited concerns that the event “punishes melee users too much at present,” indicating a need for reevaluation and potential re-introduction in the future.

While The Finals has garnered positive reception and engaged players for a considerable amount of time, the sustainability of its player base remains a concern. The game’s ability to retain players, encourage continued engagement, and drive cosmetic purchases is crucial for its longevity. The update’s focus on expediting player progression through the battle pass may serve as an enticement for players to invest in the premium battle pass, thereby supporting the game’s financial sustainability.

The Finals update 1.7.0 brings significant changes to the game’s progression system, aiming to enhance player experience and extend the game’s lifespan. By increasing XP rewards for various in-game actions and disabling certain modifiers, the update seeks to address player feedback and ensure the game’s continued success. Going forward, it will be essential for developers to monitor player engagement, feedback, and purchasing behavior to sustain The Finals’ appeal in the competitive gaming market.


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