Avalanche Studios, known for creating popular games like Just Cause and Mad Max, made a shocking announcement recently. The Swedish-based company revealed that they would be laying off 50 developers, which accounts for nine percent of their global workforce. In addition to the layoffs, Avalanche Studios also made the tough decision to close their New York and Montreal studios. These closures were part of a larger strategy to ensure a stable and sustainable future for the company, according to a statement released by Avalanche.

The Montreal studio was a relatively new addition to Avalanche’s portfolio, having been open for only eight months. This studio was acquired by Avalanche in 2023 after they integrated Monster Closet, a development studio with experienced developers from top titles like Halo, Prince of Persia, and Assassin’s Creed. On the other hand, the New York studio had been in operation since 2011. Avalanche Studios as a whole celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2023, marking two decades of game development and innovation.

The timing of the studio closures and layoffs is particularly intriguing, given that Avalanche recently entered into a unionisation agreement in Sweden. This agreement, made with Swedish labour organisations Unionen and Engineers of Sweden, aimed to standardise frameworks around essential areas like salaries, benefits, and employee influence. The agreement, set to take effect in 2025, would provide better support and resources for Avalanche employees in Sweden. However, it remains unclear how this agreement ties into the decision to shut down the New York and Montreal offices.

The layoffs and studio closures at Avalanche Studios are just one example of a larger trend in the games industry. Over the past year or two, many game development companies have faced mass layoffs and closures due to a variety of factors. The lockdown gaming boom led to overambitious expansions, while new technologies like NFTs failed to generate expected returns. These challenges, coupled with general economic upheaval, have made it increasingly difficult for companies to sustain the high costs of developing blockbuster video games.

As Avalanche Studios navigates through these challenging times, the future remains uncertain. The closure of the New York and Montreal offices has undoubtedly impacted the company’s global operations. It’s essential for Avalanche to provide support for the departing employees and focus on creating incredible gaming experiences for their players. The gaming industry is ever-evolving, and it’s crucial for companies like Avalanche Studios to adapt to changes and overcome obstacles to thrive in the competitive market.

Overall, the recent developments at Avalanche Studios highlight the complexities and challenges faced by game developers in today’s industry. The layoffs and studio closures serve as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of the gaming business and the importance of strategic decision-making in times of crisis. Avalanche Studios will need to reevaluate their strategies, streamline their operations, and focus on innovation to ensure a successful and sustainable future for the company.


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