Recently, Take-Two made a significant announcement regarding the acquisition of Gearbox, the developers behind the popular Borderlands franchise. In addition to this news, they also stated that they are actively working on the next installment in the Borderlands series. This announcement, however, seemed more like a strategic move to excite shareholders rather than a formal declaration of what fans can expect from the upcoming game. As a result, details about the direction Gearbox is taking with the beloved looter shooter series remain scarce.

The timing of this announcement is particularly eyebrow-raising, considering the long-awaited Borderlands movie is scheduled for release five years after the last main series game. With no new game on the horizon, fans are left wondering about the future of the franchise. Despite Gearbox’s involvement in the development of previous Borderlands games, it is worth noting that the best installment in the series was not created by them and deviated from the first-person shooter format.

Previous releases in the Borderlands series have been well-received by players, with Borderlands 3 being hailed as the fastest-selling game from Take-Two’s subcompany, 2K. The game’s popularity was further emphasized by the sale of over 19 million copies by 2019. Speculation about the next game intensified following hints from Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford, who mentioned that they were working on something monumental but refused to divulge details.

While today’s announcement serves as an official confirmation of ongoing developments, it primarily caters to the interests of investors rather than the gaming community. This suggests that further details about the upcoming game may be kept under wraps for some time. However, with the Borderlands movie set to premiere in August, fans may receive more information around that time.

Take-Two’s announcement also shed light on Gearbox’s extensive pipeline of projects, revealing that they have six key interactive entertainment projects in different stages of development. Among these projects are five sequels, two of which belong to the Borderlands and Homeworld franchises, and an exciting new intellectual property. While specifics about these projects are scarce, the mention of the Borderlands spin-off, Tiny Tina’s Wonderland, hints at the potential for additional sequels in the series.

Beyond the Borderlands franchise, Take-Two highlighted other series in Gearbox’s portfolio that are under development. These include Risk of Rain, Brothers In Arms, and unfortunately, Duke Nukem. The mention of Duke Nukem may raise concerns among fans, given the franchise’s turbulent history. The surprising revelation of a Duke Nukem movie in 2022 further complicates the fate of the iconic character, leaving many wary of another potential disappointment.

The future of Borderlands and Gearbox under Take-Two’s leadership is a topic of much speculation and anticipation. While the announcement of a new Borderlands game is exciting, fans may have to exercise patience as further details unfold in the coming months. The diversity of projects in Gearbox’s pipeline hints at a promising future for the studio, but only time will tell if they can deliver on the expectations set by their past successes.


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