Three years have passed since the exciting announcement of Square Enix’s plan to remake Dragon Quest 3 in the popular Octopath Traveler’s HD-2D engine. Fans have been eagerly awaiting updates on the progress of this highly anticipated remake, and finally, a recent teaser has provided some insight into what we can expect from this modern take on the classic JRPG.

The recent teaser, released on Dragon Quest Day, has set the stage for speculation and raised several questions among fans. The brief video showcasing the Dragon Quest logo alongside the cryptic message, “The legend of Erdrick draws near,” has sparked excitement and curiosity about the potential scope of the remake. Could this teaser hint at something larger than just a remake of Dragon Quest 3?

Upon closer inspection of the teaser, JRPG expert Alex Donaldson has pointed out some interesting details that suggest the remake may encompass more than just Dragon Quest 3. The use of the term “the legend of Erdrick” implies a connection to the broader Dragon Quest series, hinting at the possibility of expanding the remake to include the entire “Erdrick trilogy.” This trilogy, consisting of Dragon Quest 1, 2, and 3, is often viewed as a cohesive storyline centered around the legendary hero, Erdrick.

Reading Between the Lines

While the teaser specifically references Dragon Quest 3, it strategically avoids mentioning the game by name, leaving room for interpretation and speculation. The inclusion of the phrase “The legacy begins” further adds to the mystery surrounding the remake, suggesting that it may not be limited to just one installment in the series. With the summer reveal season approaching, fans can only wait in anticipation for more information on what Square Enix has in store for the beloved Dragon Quest franchise.

The Future of Dragon Quest Remakes

As we await further updates on the Dragon Quest 3 HD-2D remake, it’s essential to approach the teaser with cautious optimism. While the idea of expanding the remake to encompass the entire Erdrick trilogy is exciting, it’s crucial to remember that this speculation is based on limited information. As Square Enix continues to unveil details about the project, fans can look forward to potentially experiencing a new era of Dragon Quest games that pay homage to the series’ rich history while introducing modern elements to captivate both longtime fans and newcomers alike.


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