Capcom’s Exoprimal, the dinosaur shooter game, is about to undergo a significant change in its gameplay structure. Starting from mid-July 2024, the game will transition into a seasonal rotation mode. This decision comes after all planned seasons for Exoprimal have come to an end. In an announcement, Capcom expressed gratitude to the players for their support and revealed that the upcoming fourth season will be the final one.

As the current season wraps up on July 11, Exoprimal will reintroduce its first season, which will run on a rotating basis each month. This means that players will have the opportunity to revisit past seasons and partake in the unique challenges and rewards that each season offers. Additionally, Season Passes for the first three chapters of the game will be available for purchase again, allowing players to acquire any items or rewards they may have missed during the initial release of these seasons.

Capcom has assured players that their progression from any season will be carried over, enabling them to resume their journey from where they left off. The timetable for the seasonal rotations indicates that Season 1 will commence in mid-July, followed by Season 2 in August 2024. Subsequently, Season 3 will make a return in September, with Season 4 taking its place in October. The cycle will continue with Season 1 returning in November and beyond.

Despite the shift in gameplay structure, Capcom has emphasized that Exoprimal will continue to receive support, with online services expected to be available indefinitely. While certain modes, such as the Savage Gauntlet, will undergo adjustments after Trial 41, they will all remain accessible for players to enjoy. The main Dino Survival mode, as well as endgame content like Savage Gauntlet and Time Loop Rebellion, will be retained for players to engage with. Additionally, AI-controlled Exofighters, known as Bots, will be introduced to enhance the gameplay experience for those who are playing solo or in small groups.

The decision to implement seasonal rotations for Exoprimal may come as a surprise, considering the game’s relatively recent launch in late July 2023. The gaming landscape is competitive, with numerous options available to players, making it challenging for new live service games to establish a dedicated player base. Furthermore, Exoprimal faced the unique challenge of not being a new installment in the beloved Dino Crisis franchise, leading to some disappointment among fans. These factors, combined with the demanding live service market, may have contributed to lower-than-expected performance for the game.

While the future of Exoprimal may seem uncertain with the conclusion of its planned seasons, players can rest assured that the game will continue to receive support and updates. The transition to seasonal rotations offers a fresh approach to gameplay and provides an opportunity for players to revisit past content. As the Exoprimal team looks ahead, they express appreciation for the players’ support and invite them to join the wargame, promising an engaging experience despite the challenges faced.


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