EVGA’s decision to cease producing graphics cards marked the end of an era for enthusiasts. With their well-cooled GPUs capable of serious overclocking, many were left wondering what would come next. Vince “Kingpin” Lucido, known for his extreme overclocking designs, was left in a position to explore new opportunities after EVGA’s departure. Despite exploring collaborations with other big-name companies, Lucido ultimately chose to work with PNY on their latest designs.

Gamers Nexus’ Steve Burke had the privilege of visiting Lucido’s “Kingpin Studios” in Taipei, a futuristic building that served as a workshop for PC gaming dreams. Among the impressive hardware and sleek electric bikes, Lucido shared his reasons for partnering with PNY. He highlighted PNY’s enthusiasm for extreme overclocking, a niche that he felt was lacking in the current market. With other vendors already catering to overclocking enthusiasts, PNY offered Lucido the opportunity to fill the gap left by EVGA’s absence.

Overclocking, once a mainstream practice, has seen a decline in recent years. With GPUs capable of boosting themselves to high levels with standard coolers, the performance gains from overclocked cards have become less significant. The extra expense of an overclocked card may no longer be justified for most users, as the performance improvements are marginal at best. However, Lucido’s expertise in creating cards with real performance advantages may bring a new wave of excitement to the overclocking community.

With rumors of upcoming GPU launches on the horizon, Lucido hinted at the possibility of working on next-generation cards. His discussions with board partners alluded to the potential release of a new card, possibly the 5080, by the end of the year. Whether he is working on upcoming GPUs or fine-tuning current models, Lucido remains focused on testing new GPU overclocking software. His preference for matte black, highly overclocked GPUs with minimal RGB lighting reflects his dedication to performance and functionality.

As the industry shifts towards more efficient and powerful GPUs, the legacy of extreme overclocking lives on through collaborations like Lucido’s with PNY. While the market may be evolving, there is still a demand for high-performance, customized graphics cards that push the boundaries of what is possible. Lucido’s dedication to his craft and his commitment to creating overclocked masterpieces ensure that the spirit of overclocking continues to thrive in an ever-changing landscape.


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