Hironobu Sakaguchi, the renowned creator of Final Fantasy, has recently stated in an interview with Bloomberg that he has no interest in returning to the iconic franchise. After leaving Square Enix in 2003 to establish Mistwalker, Sakaguchi’s disinterest in revisiting Final Fantasy may not be surprising to many. However, the reasoning behind his decision sheds light on his current perspective.

In the interview, Sakaguchi revealed that he delved into Final Fantasy XIV in 2021 with the intention of only spending a few hours playing the game before attending an event. To his surprise, those few hours transformed into a full-fledged obsession, with Sakaguchi admitting, “Now I almost live in Final Fantasy XIV.” This newfound deep immersion in the game led him to express concerns about the potential impact of working on the franchise professionally. He fears that taking on the Final Fantasy brand again might hinder his ability to genuinely enjoy Final Fantasy XIV, as he would transition from being a creator to becoming a consumer.

Additionally, Sakaguchi confirmed that he has no plans to revive older Mistwalker titles like Blue Dragon or Lost Odyssey on modern platforms. Instead, he and his team are dedicated to working on something entirely fresh and innovative. Although the specifics of this new project remain undisclosed, speculations lean towards a potential sequel to Fantasian. Recently, the company filed a trademark for ‘Fantasian Dark Edge,’ hinting at a continuation or expansion of the Fantasian universe.

Hironobu Sakaguchi’s steadfast stance on not revisiting Final Fantasy showcases his dedication to exploring new creative avenues and maintaining a balance between work and personal enjoyment. As a legendary figure in the gaming industry, Sakaguchi’s decision to focus on innovative projects exemplifies his commitment to evolving as a creator and pushing the boundaries of storytelling and gameplay. While fans of the Final Fantasy series may yearn for his return to the franchise, Sakaguchi’s forward-thinking approach signals a promising future for Mistwalker and the potential for groundbreaking new gaming experiences.


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