Game director and producer Naoki Yoshida, also known as Yoshi-P, recently expressed his desire to see Final Fantasy XIV Online available on as many devices as possible in the long run. This includes Nintendo’s hardware, with the potential of the game being released on the Switch’s “successor” in the future. Yoshida has been dreaming of allowing players to access the same world of Final Fantasy XIV regardless of the device they are using for over ten years. He mentioned in an interview with Easy Allies that bringing the game to Xbox platforms took years of negotiations but finally came to fruition. Now, his focus is on making this dream a reality for Nintendo platforms as well.

Possible Limitations

While Yoshida’s ambition for Final Fantasy XIV Online on Nintendo platforms is commendable, it is important to note that we may not see the game on the current generation of Nintendo systems. Even if the game does come to Nintendo consoles in the future, there may be restrictions such as regional limitations or specific distribution methods like cloud streaming. This can be observed in other similar releases like Dragon Quest X Online, which is exclusively available in Japan, and Phantasy Star Online 2, which is a cloud release on the Switch.

Considering Nintendo’s plans to reveal a successor to the Switch this fiscal year, Yoshida’s comments about bringing Final Fantasy XIV Online to Nintendo platforms seem to have taken into account the future hardware releases from the company. This means that the game’s potential availability on a Nintendo system may align with the launch of a new console or an updated version of the Switch. The most recent release of Final Fantasy XIV Online on Xbox platforms has been well-received, with players being able to enjoy a free trial that offers a substantial amount of content.

While the current outlook may not be promising for Final Fantasy XIV Online on Nintendo systems, the enthusiasm and dedication shown by Naoki Yoshida and his team are clear indicators that they are actively working towards making this dream a reality. As efforts continue to bring the game to more platforms, including the possibility of a release on a future Nintendo console, fans of the franchise can remain hopeful for the eventual arrival of Final Fantasy XIV Online on a Nintendo platform. Stay tuned for updates on this ambitious endeavor and the potential expansion of the Final Fantasy universe to new horizons.

The future of Final Fantasy XIV Online on Nintendo platforms remains uncertain but filled with potential. Naoki Yoshida’s long-standing dream of allowing players to experience the game on any device, including Nintendo hardware, signifies a commitment to accessibility and inclusivity in the gaming world. While challenges and limitations may exist, the passion and determination of the development team pave the way for exciting possibilities in the future of the beloved Final Fantasy franchise. Let’s continue to support and anticipate the expansion of this epic online adventure to new platforms and audiences.


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