The developers of the Greek god pulverizing simulator Hades 2 have announced that the game will be receiving its first patch later this month. Among the changes being introduced, the way resource gathering tools are used is one of the main areas that will be tweaked. The pickaxe, for example, which is used to mine silver during a run, may see some modifications to make the process more seamless and enjoyable for players.

Another significant change that players can expect is an update to the way Melinoë’s dash and sprint abilities work. While the exact details of this change have not been revealed yet, the developers at Supergiant Games have mentioned that it will be focused on enhancing Melinoë’s “distinct style” and making her battles and interactions more nimble, responsive, and expressive. This is a welcome update as movement is a crucial aspect of gameplay in Hades 2.

The developers have emphasized the importance of players being able to focus on goals that are important to them without feeling frustrated by resource gathering. One way they are looking to address this is by potentially introducing the ability to swap tools during runs or allowing players to carry multiple tools. Currently, players are locked into using a single tool for the duration of a run, which can lead to feelings of missing out on opportunities if they don’t have the right tool equipped.

As players eagerly await the upcoming patch for Hades 2, there is much speculation about what the changes will entail. Some players have suggested automatic sprinting after a dash for Melinoë, while others are hoping for more flexibility in tool selection during runs. While these ideas are intriguing, it remains to be seen what the actual changes will be. As a player, it is easy to offer suggestions, but the developers at Supergiant Games are surely considering a variety of factors to ensure that the game continues to provide an engaging and enjoyable experience for all players.

The future of Hades 2 looks promising with the introduction of the upcoming patch. Players can look forward to improvements in resource gathering mechanics and movement abilities, which are key components of the game. As the developers work to enhance the overall gameplay experience, players can expect to see a more polished and refined version of the game that stays true to its roots while introducing exciting new features.


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