League Of Geeks, the Australian developers known for popular fantasy strategy games like Armello and Solium Infernum, have announced that they are going into hibernation. The decision comes after 13 years of being an independent studio and facing the current economic challenges in the gaming industry.

The studio’s remaining staff members will be taking an extended break, with uncertainty about whether or when they will return. The majority of the team have already moved on to new opportunities, while those who remain will be taking a well-deserved break in the coming months.

League Of Geeks expressed pride in their achievements over the years, including the games they have developed, the talented developers they have worked with, and the supportive community that has believed in their vision. Despite the uncertain future, they remain grateful for the experiences they have shared.

Solium Infernum, the latest release from League Of Geeks, received positive reviews but did not generate sufficient sales to support ongoing development or downloadable content. This, combined with previous challenges such as the pause in development of Jumplight Odyssey and layoffs within the studio, contributed to the decision to go into hibernation.

The studio had high hopes for Jumplight Odyssey as a potential source of revenue, but unfortunately, they were unable to secure the necessary investment to continue its development. Despite this setback, they remain committed to releasing the game out of Early Access within the next 12 months, albeit without the originally planned fully realized version.

League Of Geeks is facing a period of uncertainty as they enter hibernation and contemplate their future in the gaming industry. While they have experienced challenges and setbacks, they remain grateful for the support of their community and the opportunities they have had to create innovative and engaging games. Only time will tell if they will be able to revive the studio and continue their legacy of creativity and excellence in game development.


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