Nintendo has officially confirmed that they are working on the development of the Switch 2 console. During a recent financial briefing, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa mentioned that the new device will be a “successor to the Nintendo Switch.” This suggests that the upcoming console will build upon the existing foundation established by the Switch. Furukawa mentioned that more information about the Switch 2 will be released in stages leading up to its launch, following a similar pattern to previous hardware announcements from Nintendo.

Despite the challenges presented by the global semiconductor shortage, Nintendo does not anticipate any issues with meeting demand for the Switch 2. The semiconductor shortage caused problems for the original Switch, but Nintendo is confident that they will not face the same issues with the new console. Nintendo’s current sales forecast for the financial year does not include sales of the Switch 2, but this could change as more details are revealed. Nintendo is also aiming to maximize sales for the current financial year by balancing new demand for the Switch 2 with existing demand for the original Switch systems.

In the 2023-2024 fiscal year, Nintendo reported a 12.6% decline in Switch hardware sales compared to the previous year. However, lifetime sales for the Switch have reached an impressive 141.32 million consoles sold, with 1.235 billion games sold. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe stands out as the best-selling game for Nintendo, but the company has other initiatives in place to drive hardware and software sales. Nintendo plans to host a Nintendo Direct event in June to showcase upcoming games for the second half of the year, but details about the Switch 2 console are not expected to be included in this event.

Nintendo delayed the announcement of the Switch 2 due to concerns about how it might affect sales of the original Switch consoles. While Furukawa acknowledged that the announcement of the new console could impact sales, Nintendo is confident that they can maintain a balance between generating new demand for the Switch 2 and sustaining demand for existing systems. The company’s overall goal is to maximize sales for the fiscal year, and they have several strategies in place to achieve this.

Overall, Nintendo’s plans for the Switch 2 console show a commitment to building on the success of the original Switch while addressing new challenges in the market. As more details are released leading up to the launch, fans can expect to see how Nintendo plans to innovate and attract both new and existing customers to their latest console offering.


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