Amidst the disbanding of Arkane Austin by Microsoft, there is a glimmer of hope for Redfall players as the team behind the game is still working on Game Update 4. The update is set to bring in a range of new features including offline mode, single player pausing, revamped Neighbourhood and Nest systems, and more yet to be revealed. While there is no fixed release date for this update, Arkane has assured players that more details will be unveiled soon.

The Long-Awaited Offline Mode

One of the most anticipated features of the upcoming update is the offline mode, which will allow players to experience Redfall as a single player game without the need for an online connection. Since its launch, players have been clamoring for the ability to enjoy the game solo, and the introduction of the offline mode aims to fulfill this demand. With the uncertain future of Redfall following Arkane Austin’s closure, concerns were raised about the game becoming unplayable once its servers shut down. However, with the promise of offline mode, Arkane has reassured players that Redfall will remain accessible even without active servers in the future.

Despite the closure of Arkane Austin, a skeleton crew is diligently working on the game’s final update, which is said to “future proof” Redfall and eliminate the need for active servers to run the game as a single player experience. This update will mark the definitive end of Redfall’s development, with no further updates planned thereafter. Employees currently involved in the project are expected to be reassigned to other Microsoft-owned studios once the final update is completed.

Cancelled Roadmap and Make-Good Offers

With the final update looming, Redfall’s previously announced roadmap, which included the release of two new heroes and additional DLC content, has been scrapped. Players who purchased the Redfall Bite Back Edition, which included a special Hero Pass, will be eligible for “make-good offers” as compensation. Those interested in availing of these offers can apply through the Bethesda website. As for other players, the wait for the final Redfall update’s release date continues.

The impending release of Game Update 4 for Redfall signifies a new chapter in the game’s journey. Despite the challenges faced by the closure of Arkane Austin, the promise of offline mode and a future-proofed gaming experience offers hope to players who wish to continue their vampire-hunting adventures in Redfall. While the cancellation of the roadmap may come as a disappointment, the dedication of the remaining team members to deliver the final update showcases their commitment to ensuring the game’s longevity. As players eagerly await the release of the update, the future of Redfall remains uncertain yet promising, hinting at a potential resurgence in the realm of single player vampire-themed adventures.


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