Microsoft is making significant changes to its Windows 10 operating system as it gears up for the end of support in October 2025. The company has announced the reopening of its beta program for Windows 10, allowing Windows Insiders to test new features and improvements. Additionally, Microsoft is introducing paid security updates for consumers once Windows 10 reaches the end of its support period.

Reopening the Beta Channel

Microsoft’s decision to reopen the beta program for Windows 10 comes as a surprising move considering the imminent end of support for the operating system. With the introduction of the beta channel, Windows Insiders can get early access to new features that will be tested before being released to the general public. This shift in approach indicates Microsoft’s commitment to providing ongoing updates and enhancements to Windows 10, even after the official end of support date.

In a bid to offer continued support for Windows 10 users, Microsoft will be introducing paid security updates for consumers once the operating system reaches its end of support in October 2025. This new approach means that users can opt for paid security updates to ensure that their devices remain protected against potential security threats. While the pricing details for consumer security updates have not been disclosed yet, Microsoft has indicated that they will be shared at a later date.

Despite Microsoft’s efforts to promote Windows 11 as the next-generation operating system, many users have faced challenges in upgrading due to strict hardware requirements. Windows 11 is only supported on CPUs released from 2018 onward and requires devices that support TPM security chips. As a result, millions of PCs are unable to upgrade officially to Windows 11, leading to slower adoption rates compared to Windows 10.

Market Share Comparison

Data from StatCounter reveals that Windows 11 currently holds nearly 28 percent of all Windows version market share as of May 2024, while Windows 10 still accounts for 68 percent. This stark difference in adoption rates highlights the challenges faced by users in transitioning to the latest operating system, further emphasizing the importance of ongoing support for Windows 10 users.

As Microsoft prepares to end support for Windows 10 in October 2025, the introduction of a new beta program and paid security updates reflects the company’s commitment to providing continued support for its users. By reopening the beta channel, Windows Insiders can test new features early, while consumers can opt for paid security updates to ensure the security of their devices post-end of support. With the challenges of upgrading to Windows 11 becoming more apparent, it is crucial for Microsoft to address user needs and ensure a smooth transition for all Windows users.


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