Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer recently announced that four Xbox games will be launching on new consoles, without specifying which exclusives will be making the jump. It has been clarified that Starfield and Indiana Jones and the Great Circle will not be included in this group, as they are still exclusive to Xbox. Spencer also mentioned that all of the first games coming to new consoles are over a year old, ruling out any 2023 releases. This strategy of bringing older titles to new platforms suggests a focus on expanding the reach of community-driven games that have reached their full potential on Xbox and PC.

Two games that fit this description are Sea of Thieves and Grounded, which are service-based multiplayer games with strong community engagement. These titles have been on Xbox and PC for a while now, making them prime candidates for multiplatform expansion. In addition, there are two smaller games, Hi-Fi Rush and Pentiment, that are also likely to be part of this expansion strategy. Both of these games have been described as passion projects by their developers and are smaller experiences that were never intended to be platform exclusives. With Microsoft’s focus on keeping its studios financially healthy, these smaller games are more likely to make the transition to new consoles compared to major titles like Gears of War or Halo.

Looking ahead, Microsoft is already hinting at its future console offerings, promising a significant technical leap with its next machine. This suggests that the upcoming console will push the boundaries of hardware innovation, setting a new standard in the industry. While details are scarce at the moment, Microsoft’s commitment to pushing the limits of technology indicates that the competition in the console market is about to heat up.

Microsoft’s approach to expanding its console offerings includes bringing older titles to new platforms, focusing on community-driven games that have already reached their peak on Xbox and PC. By expanding the reach of these games, Microsoft aims to keep its studios financially healthy while providing players with more options to enjoy their favorite titles. Looking towards the future, Microsoft’s promise of a revolutionary leap in hardware technology suggests that the next generation of Xbox consoles will be a game-changer in the industry. Keep an eye out for more announcements from Microsoft as they continue to shape the future of gaming consoles.


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