Microsoft’s Xbox chief, Phil Spencer, has been making waves with his recent comments hinting at a potential Xbox handheld device. In a recent interview with IGN, Spencer stated, “I think we should have a handheld, too.” This comes after months of dropping hints and liking posts discussing the possibility of a handheld Xbox console. The statement is the strongest indication yet that Microsoft is indeed working on such a device.

Spencer also mentioned in the interview that the future of Xbox hardware is looking very promising. He praised the team’s work on developing different form factors and ways to play, expressing his excitement for what’s to come. This indicates that Microsoft is exploring new avenues for gaming experiences beyond traditional consoles and PCs.

One crucial detail that Spencer revealed is that the potential Xbox handheld will focus on allowing players to enjoy games locally rather than relying solely on streaming. This sets it apart from other handheld devices like the PlayStation Portal and suggests that Microsoft is aiming for a more traditional gaming experience in a compact form factor.

Microsoft’s Vision for the Xbox Handheld

Based on Spencer’s previous comments, it is likely that the Xbox handheld will be Windows-based with the capability to run Xbox games and the full Xbox dashboard. This would provide a seamless gaming experience while maintaining compatibility with existing Xbox titles. Spencer’s desire for a “compact Xbox mode” on a handheld gaming PC further reinforces the notion that Microsoft is aiming to blur the lines between Xbox consoles and handheld devices.

The concept of an Xbox handheld running on Windows core is an intriguing one. It would offer the familiarity of an Xbox console while providing the versatility to run both Xbox and Steam games. This level of integration would require Microsoft to merge the Xbox and Windows ecosystems in a seamless manner, presenting a unique challenge for the company. However, with the convergence of gaming platforms becoming more prevalent, such an endeavor seems increasingly plausible.

By examining Phil Spencer’s recent statements and the direction Microsoft is taking with the Xbox brand, it is evident that the company is exploring the possibility of entering the handheld gaming market. While details are scarce at this stage, the potential for an Xbox handheld that combines the best of traditional console gaming with the convenience of a portable device is an exciting prospect for Xbox fans and gamers alike. The future of Xbox appears to be evolving towards a more versatile and interconnected gaming experience, with a handheld console possibly playing a significant role in shaping that future.


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