Ahoy, mateys! Gather ’round and let me regale you with a tale of adventure on the high seas during the great USB-C shortage of 1687. It was a time when the new electric barnacle scrubbers from Apple had sailors clamoring for the sleek and compact charger cables. In the midst of this frenzy, Too-Many-Toes Jackson and I saw an opportunity to make some gold as pirates are wont to do. We stocked up on the coveted USB-C cords, hoping to cash in on the ensuing madness.

A Sinking Ship

As we sailed into port with our precious cargo, disaster struck. Our ship began to sink into the Spanish Main, threatening to take our haul of USB-C cords and pears down with it. In our frantic efforts to save the ship, we neglected to check for leaks, a rookie mistake that almost cost us everything. Amidst the chaos, we were reminded of the age-old lesson: always patch up the holes before setting sail.

Beware of Spoilers

In a modern twist of fate, the tale of our ill-fated voyage serves as a cautionary reminder for gamers today. Just as we were blindsided by our sinking ship, players of Destiny 2’s The Final Shape expansion have found themselves facing spoilers ahead of the official launch. Some PS5 players have accessed the DLC early through Sony’s cloud gaming, leading to a flood of leaked information online. To avoid having your gaming experience ruined, it’s best to steer clear of spoilers and wait for the official release.

The story of the great USB-C shortage of 1687 may be a whimsical tale of piracy and pears, but its message resonates through the ages. Whether you’re navigating treacherous waters in search of treasure or dodging spoilers in the gaming world, the importance of foresight and caution cannot be overstated. So, learn from our mistakes, me hearties, and sail forth with your eyes wide open to the challenges that lie ahead. And remember, always check for leaks before setting sail on your next adventure.


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