Beware Of Light, the newly revealed game from indie studio Bajka Games, presents players with a unique and challenging city-building experience. The game starts with your advanced colony ship crashing on a dead, desert planet devoid of crucial resources like water and fossil fuels. The harsh environment of the planet coupled with limited resources and manpower make survival the primary objective of the game.

Unlike traditional city-building games, Beware Of Light requires players to think outside the box when it comes to resource management. Making clothes involves extracting basalt from rocks and melting it to make threads, a labor-intensive process. Similarly, obtaining water requires extracting hydrogen from the troposphere. The game’s emphasis on using “hard sci-fi” technology adds a layer of complexity to the gameplay, making survival a daunting task.

While no gameplay trailer has been released yet, the concept art of Beware Of Light hints at a visually striking game world. The spiked, plated buildings reminiscent of Dune’s aesthetic bring a sense of ruggedness to the game’s world. The insect-like design of the base elements adds a touch of uniqueness to the game’s visuals. The overall design seems to draw inspiration from various sci-fi sources like Mad Max, Pitch Black, and The Martian, giving it a distinct visual identity.

Beware Of Light appears to cater to a niche audience interested in survival city-building games with a sci-fi twist. The game’s focus on survival against all odds makes it stand out from traditional city builders that emphasize growth and development. While the lack of traditional RTS elements may deter some players, the game’s emphasis on realism and survival challenges is likely to appeal to fans of the genre. The game’s “coming soon” status on Steam has already generated curiosity among players looking for a unique city-building experience.

Beware Of Light offers a fresh take on the city-building genre with its emphasis on survival in a harsh environment. The game’s unique resource management mechanics and visually appealing design set it apart from other games in the genre. While it may not appeal to all players due to its challenging gameplay, fans of survival city builders will likely find Beware Of Light to be a refreshing and engaging experience.


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