Helldivers 2 players have demonstrated their commitment to inclusivity and camaraderie beyond just battling bugs and robots. A heartwarming story emerged when player ‘dremskiy’ was unexpectedly kicked out of a private game where they were simply looking to make friends. However, rather than feeling isolated, dremskiy found themselves inundated with friend requests on Steam, to the point where their account could no longer accept any more.

The story of dremskiy’s experience quickly gained traction on Reddit, resonating with fellow Helldivers who wanted to show their support. The community rallied around dremskiy, resulting in an overflow of friend requests that even caused Steam to temporarily shut down the flood of incoming requests.

While the story may seem heartwarming and wholesome on the surface, there is a hint of irony in the background. The official Helldivers 2 Twitter account joined in on the fun, embracing the meme and adding to the camaraderie. However, when Playstation UK attempted to join in, they faced a backlash, possibly due to the ongoing issues with certain countries being locked out of playing the game they purchased on Steam.

The implications of Sony’s actions are far-reaching, affecting a significant portion of players in regions such as Africa. The gaming community has voiced their discontent with the situation, calling for a swift resolution before the issue escalates further. As players unite to address these challenges, the hope is that a mutually beneficial solution can be achieved without resorting to extreme measures.


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