Bella Wants Blood is a tower defence game that takes horror to a whole new level. The game features a monstrous creature named Bella, who is constantly hungry for blood. As players, you are tasked with setting up various defense mechanisms such as Stabbers, Rattlers, Slingers, and Lookers to prevent Bella from turning her attention towards you. The game is not your typical tower defence experience, as every element in Bella Wants Blood is meticulously crafted to create a horrifyingly immersive environment.

Players can choose upgrade paths and encounters from a map between stages, with the goal of progressing as far as possible in a single run. The game involves setting up a network of Blood Gutters to guide a menagerie of skittering buglets away from Bella. Each enemy must be dealt with strategically to avoid angering the monstrous creature. Bella does not like to chew her food; she prefers to sup, making it crucial for players to act swiftly and decisively to protect themselves and keep Bella satisfied.

Bella Wants Blood succeeds in creating a genuinely terrifying atmosphere that sets it apart from other tower defence games. Bella feels like a survival horror monster lurking just outside your door, ready to pounce at any moment. The rich fictive snippets and art style used in the game make every element feel eerie and alive. Players will find themselves on edge, constantly trying to keep Bella appeased and avoiding upsetting her at all costs.

For players looking to experience the horror of Bella Wants Blood firsthand, a Steam demo is available. The demo provides a taste of the intense gameplay and immersive atmosphere that the full game has to offer. It’s like unwrapping a gift on Christmas morning, only to discover that it’s a terrifying puzzle straight out of a horror movie. The spikes, flesh, and eerie setting all contribute to making Bella Wants Blood a truly unique and unforgettable gaming experience.

Bella Wants Blood is not your typical tower defence game. It stands out for its immersive atmosphere, terrifying gameplay, and richly detailed elements that come together to create a truly unsettling experience. Players looking for a new and unique gaming experience should definitely check out the Steam demo of Bella Wants Blood. Prepare yourself for a journey into darkness, where every decision could mean the difference between survival and becoming Bella’s next meal.


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