Japanese Hololive VTuber ‘Korone’ has been involved in a variety of collabs and crossovers, and one of the most recent ones is the Tsugunohi horror game ‘Evil God Korone’, which has taken a surprising turn with its release on the Switch eShop. Originally debuting on Steam in 2021, this title is now available for $4.49 (or the equivalent in your region) on the Switch eShop.

The game ‘Evil God Korone’ is a result of a collaboration between “Tsugunohi”, a horror game centered around the erosion of daily life, and VTuber Inugami Korone from the popular group “hololive”. This unique project was launched as part of Inugami Korone’s birthday celebration in October 2021. In this game, Inugami Korone appears as a menacing “threat” to the player, taking on the role of an evil god within the ‘Tsugunohi’ universe.

Inugami Korone, known for her experience in playing horror games, has now become a pivotal figure in the realm of “Tsugunohi”, weaving a narrative of fear and suspense throughout the gameplay. Players are able to immerse themselves in a world where they can offer their “finger” to the evil god Korone, delving deeper into the eerie atmosphere created by ImCyan, the indie game creator behind the ‘Tsugunohi’ series.

ImCyan’s ‘Tsugunohi’ series is well-regarded for its distinctive approach to horror, providing players with a chilling experience unlike any other. The series is known for its ability to warp the familiar elements of daily life, gradually distorting reality and instilling a profound sense of unease as players navigate through the darkness that lurks within.

With the release of ‘Evil God Korone’ on the Switch eShop, fans of both Inugami Korone and horror games alike have the opportunity to explore a new dimension of terror and intrigue. Whether you are a seasoned player of ‘Tsugunohi’ or a newcomer to the genre, this collaboration promises to deliver a spine-tingling experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Are you ready to uncover the mysteries that await in the world of ‘Evil God Korone’?


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